British Museum

Shakespeare: Staging the World  19 July – 25 Nov 2012

It has been a real pleasure to work with staff at the British Museum on bespoke collections for sale in their Grenville Room.  To coincide with the exhibition Shakespeare: Staging the World, I created two new ranges.

 The first range is based on a beautifully detailed 1592 etching of Queen Elizabeth 1st which is featured in the exhibition.  Graphic elements of landscape, fashion, ceremony and symbolism combine within these gentle tonal ceramic patchwork pieces.  The etching can be seen here.

The second collection reworks a hand-coloured engraving made in 1590 by Augustine Ryther showing the paths of the Spanish and English fleets in 1588, and is part of the series of maps that make up The Armada Plates.  The map can be seen here.  The illustrative qualities of the map are punctuated by flamboyant heraldic and navigational elements which provide decorative and colour impact within the ceramic patchwork pieces.  

British Museum Shakespeare Vase / 12cm x 16cm / silk ceramic & thread / 2012
British Museum Shakespeare Tall Vase / 19cm x 13cm / silk ceramic & thread / 2012
British Museum Armada Vase / 6cm x 12cm / silk ceramic & thread / 2012
British Museum Armada Vase / 13cm x 11cm / silk ceramics & thread / 2012
British Museum Tall Armada Vase / 20cm x 12cm / silk ceramic & thread / 2012